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    Be Your Own Sunlight in Life

    Interview Details:

    Date: November 20, 2017

    Time: From 18:00 to 20:30

    Place: In a restaurant named Zhao Hua Xi Shi

    Interviewer: Huang Jiajia

    Interviewee: Zhang Xinwen

    It was just shortly after I came to this university that I was arranged to interview Zhang Xinwen, an excellent graduate. As a freshman, interviewing an excellent senior was like a new soldier on a battlefield. I was so nervous that I especially came to the dating place ahead of time, reading my interview notes over and over again! It was already 17:50, only ten minutes to the appointed time. I began to do the rehearsal in my brain again and again to avoid mistakes. Eventually at 18:00, she arrived on time. Dressed in a simple sweater, she walked towards me directly, wearing a gentle smile. Cold as the weather was, Zhang Xinwen’s appearance, particularly her smile,was like a cup of hot tea, which made me forget the coldnessoutside, also theinneranxiety.

    The way to postgraduate recommendation

    Zhang Xinwen, majoring in Television Broadcasting Science, won the postgraduate recommendation to Shanghai International Studies University to continue her study. Dating back to those fighting days, Zhang remained her smile but revealed a bit relief. She spoken bluntly that there was nothing more terrifying than preparing for the exam and interview. For her, those days seemed in the hell. Without the company of family and friends, Zhang was saddled with huge pressure alone. Stress from several aspects like Mount Everest usually made her out of breath. In those blue and lonely days, she also lost the direction and even wanted to give up. Wisdom tooth’s pain even made things worse. So Zhang suffered from the pains from both physical and psychological aspects. No matter how painful those days were, Zhang triumphantly settled a series of obstacles and eventually succeeded.

    Be your own sunlight in life

    After going through those miserable days, Zhang seemingly figured something out. She said Life is long and no one can always be your side. You need to learn to do everything by yourself. When feelings of uncertainty and doubt started to creep in, she faced them directly and asked herself what she really wanted and told herself to be tough. In the course of our interview, her opinion about sunflowers left a profound impression on me. It is universally known that sunflowers rotate toward the Sun only in the sunny days, not in the rainy or cloudy days. Nevertheless, in my perspective, sunflowers move in sunny days merely for regarding the Sun as their life target, like Kuafu. Almost everyone including me admire sunflowers due to the determination. Different from normal people admiring sunflowers, Zhang held them in contempt. As far as she can see, when in the sunny days, sunflowers have the motivation to chase the Sun. However, in those days without the Sun, they are frustrated and lower their heads, stopping their steps! If every day is sunny, it’s OK. It is impossible to be always bathed in sunshine, let alone the life full of changes. In this way, she summarized that she would rather be the sunshine of her own life than a sunflower.

    Without hobbies, without significance in life

    Zhang treats the hobby as the most significant one in life all the time. In her view, finding a suitable hobby can arouse her enthusiasm for life. Her hobby was reading books. What’s more, she also mentioned that reading a book well needed a quiet atmosphere and a full time. Everybody has his or her interest, and interests differ widely from person to person because of age, sex, health and education. To some extent, interest also reflects one’s ability or wish. Interest plays an important part in our daily life. In our times, interest may not only result in skill and knowledge but also lead to great inventions and discoveries. As far as she is concerned, the universityfilled with infinite possibilities and countless opportunities just provides us with a good platform for our further development of various interests, so that everyone should seize the chance to find and cultivate your own hobbies.

    Some useful suggestions

    As a graduating student, Zhang wanted to tell something to us students. First and foremost, you should never omit study, the major work as a student. Learning is a process of active engagement with experience. It may involve the development of skills, knowledge, understanding, awareness, values, ideas and feelings, or an increase in the capacity to reflect. Effective learning leads to change, development and the desire to learn more. Next, join student organizations and competitions. In an organization, you are bound to make numerous friends in the same camp. University is totally distinct from senior high school. After entering the university, you should make friends extensively and expand your network. Unlike the enormous network brought from organizations, participating in diverse competitions shows your personal ability, such as leadership, management and so on. The days when you are in the organization are surely the rosy glow of your college life. Eventually, information is of great significance. With the development of the times, having an ability to quickly grasp the latest information seems to become particularly important. Whatever you do, you are sure to have a close link with the abundant information. Zhang mentioned the reason why she could be so successful was obtaining the latest information in time. Personality, kindness, even everything you went through may tip the scales.

    The interview with Zhang Xinwen came to an end at 20:30. I originally thought that I’d be nervous, but the whole process was full of laughter and happiness, not the anxiety I imagined before. Her smile and her different ideas about things struck my soul deeply. Through this special chance, Zhang made me know what a successful student should be. Sunflowers become energetic due to the Sun, not itself. So be your own sunlight to live for yourself. As a result, every day is a sunny day and every day is energetic, optimistic and vigorous. You will become the captain of your own ship, steering your life in a successful and productive direction acrossthe choppy waters!

    Editor: Xiong Renjin

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