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    A Review of The Wandering Earth

    During this New Year vacation, I enjoyed a film with marvelous scene and impressive background music which is called The Wandering Earth. I was growing pride for Chinese film industry in my heart for there were a lot of things shocking me very hard—the desolate city buried by snow in the chilly wind, Gangzi who chose to save an old man in a crisis, the self-sacrifice of lieutenant colonel Liu Peiqiang and the five-thousand-kilometer flame exploded with fuel, a symbol of human hope……Finishing watching this movie, I was thinking a lot about our real world.

    As a sci-fi film, The Wandering Earth has predicted that the sun would expand into a large red giant and the earth would be captured by Jupiter and then enter the limit state of atmospheric sunset. We need not have worried it would happen in our world. But actually, there has been a certain scientific basis which already has met the contemporary facts.As for that, where would we go if energy supply of the sun run out and become an expanding red giant?Could we use energy to power the earth as what people did in the film? Although the matter is still far away from us, human has to be faced with such a predicament sooner or later. It might seem alarmist, but if we failed to send the earth out of the galaxy, the human civilization would collapse in a flash.

    Furthermore, in terms of humanity, the film was talking about all kinds of love to people, such as a father’s love for his son, a brother’s love for his sister and a soldier’s love for his country. Although these people are just a kind of drop in the ocean, the love is so powerful that it can lighten human’s future.

    Apart from that, the movie was telling people that “hope is something as precious as a diamond.” When the earthwascaptured by Jupiter’s gravity, people never gave up because they believed they could send the flame safely to the destination. When the earth reached its rigid fall limit, people never gave up because they believed they could ignite Jupiter and be pushed out of its bonds.

    Sitting in the theater, watching the light of hope in those people’s eyes, I seemed to see a clear direction to the future and I knew they would keeping fighting against fate forever.

    Editor: Xie Di

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