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    Let Procrastination Go

    As time elapsed, when it came to the New Year, everyone aspired to make a new resolution, picturing a brilliant future, vowing to make changes. You were conscious that time has finally come for you to make your own resolutions:  I'll never procrastinate again.



    The word conjures up different images for each of us. Maybe you remember in your second grade, when you were assigned your first paper. You had to write two paragraphs about mountains and hand it the next day. However, all that night, you worried and had no idea how to do it, then you didn't finish. Finally, the following morning over breakfast, your mother wrote it for you out of love. You copied it and handed it. At the time, you felt like a liar. Although you got an A+ on the paper, you might not feel your face.



    Almost everyone is held down by what some call the silent killer. Procrastination strikes everywhere. We all want to avoid the pain or discomfort of doing something we feel is boring, stupid, pointless, hard, complicated, risky, possibly really emotionally painful and so on. But even though we know that we will have to do it eventually and that we're just deluding ourselves we still put it off. Often with reasons we know deep down are weak and we really just made up. We get stuck in a vicious circle of doing too little of both what we want and what we don't want.



    As for procrastinators, they are usually very hopeful. Although you feel unable or unwilling to start right now, you may believe the start will naturally occur. Then the time passed, and illusions of doing something right now are fading. Somehow, you try to distract yourself with pleasure, immediately rewarding activities. You may watch movies, playing games, getting together with friends, or spend the weekend hanging. Finally, you may look back the time you lost, blaming yourself at the same time, full of guilt, apprehension, and disgust.



    Sometimes we procrastinate on things that aren't just dull tasks in the office or school. Maybe you are stuck, not able to take the next step fearing some deep personal pain. If you are thinking about changing jobs or career or taking a next step in a relationship you are probably focusing on what could go wrong. Instead, get some leverages to push and pull yourself forward. Don't look at everything you have to do. One of the common sources of procrastination is feeling overwhelmed. Break it down into smaller tasks. Write them down as a list on a piece of paper. Focus on just getting that one small task or part of the big thing done. Then move on to the next. Take it one step at a time and don't think about the rest. Before you know it you'll be half way there.

    Let the procrastination go! Do more and flee less.

    Editor: Xie Di

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