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    Actions Should be Taken to Prevent School Bullying

    School bullying is a pervasive and insidious problem for school-age children and adolescents and has risen a growing number of social attentions. More school violence has been reported and makes us introspect why our little children become so dispiteous and how to solve the problem. There must be reasons behind school bullying among which the fundamental ones are significant for taking actions from the root.

    As far as I am concerned, there might be three fundamental reasons. Firstly, the lack of family education could lead to school bullying. Family education plays a great part in shaping children, because parents are the first teachers of children, teaching them from birth. And parents are responsible to help children establish correct value. But it is the fact that many parents ignore their children’s psychology problem and many parents leave their children for making more money. Lack of proper love and care from their family, some children may tend to catch others’ attentions from bullying. Once they feel good to be concerned about through violence, it would be hard to stop. What’s worse, they don’t know what mistakes they make and even feel no guilt. It is obvious that from these we can see that how important family education is to shape children's value.

    Secondly, it is the lack of school education that causes school bullying in some way. School is the place for teaching knowledge and morality, but it is a pity that most schools put grade in the first place and ignore building up students’ personality, Low-score children usually can’t get teachers’ care, some of them might lose themselves because of little guiding. Thirdly, the unhealthy social environment influences children most. Children could be unconsciously infected by unhealthy Internet information, because sometimes they are not mature enough to judge whether information is right or wrong.

    Tackling the school bullying requires three-pronged approach. First of all, parents are supposed to take the responsibility to take great care of children. What responsible parents should do is giving children love and understanding, inspiring the value of right and wrong, telling them that violence is the worst thing to solve the problem. Family affection is the mightiest power to lead the children to kindness.

    In addition, schools should pay more attention to the psychology of students. One of the most significant rules of school is to teach students to love life and treat things peacefully. It is suggested that more law and psychology classes need to be opened for students. Most importantly, government needs to clean the network environment and gives the children a peaceful and healthy atmosphere which is greatly helpful to the healthy development of children.

    Editor: Xie Huiqin

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