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    Learn to Say “No”

    As a native Chinese, I’ve all been taught that I should help people. It is right to support others and can make me popular. It may even pay us back. Nevertheless, this view has some limitations, and it is not realistic. I know I can’t say “yes” to every request. Provided that I did, I would fail or go crazy for sure. Sometimes I simply don’t have the time to assist. I frequently feel uncomfortable when some individuals always ask me to do them a favor with quite a few things. In this case, we must know how to say “no” politely.

    In real life, many people feel compelled to agree to every request, and would rather juggle a million jobs than refuse to help, even if they are left with no time for themselves. But as far as I am concerned, learning to say no can earn your respect from yourself as well as those around you. Why do many people carry on saying “yes”? It could be that saying “no” is uncaring, even selfish, and we may have a fear of letting other people down. On top of this may be a fear of being disliked, criticized, or breaking a friendship. Remember, when saying No, do so in a polite manner that makes our boundaries clear and our life will be less stressful. Please understand we always have a right to turn down an invitation or refuse a request.

    When we require to say “no”, here is one method we can try. First, we should tell the truth. If we really can’t do something, we should just say so. Second, we should remember to refuse requests politely. It is a must for us to communicate clearly, and be sincere or sympathetic. A true friend will understand. Finally, we must not feel guilty about saying no. Sometimes refusing others is the right thing to do. It can set aside ourselves.

    Of course, saying “no” is quite easy, since there is only one word you need to utter. But saying is also difficult, as the word demonstrates your opposition. Saying “no” is not only an attitude to life, but also an art. So learning to say “no” is extremely crucial to a person, even to a country.

    Also, there will be times when we intend to say no but we can’t. A conditional “yes” may be necessary if you know you should do something, but you also know you don’t have all the time or resources. Everyone should say “no” in proper conditions, let’s make efforts together.

    Editor: Xie Di

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