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    Follow Your Own Heart

    Do you follow your own heart in your life?

    With the passing of time, we gradually experience a series of things which maybe confuse you or anger you, even become the nadir of your life. We know, someone is at the mercy of the outside world which means social environment, cultural atmosphere and something else that can attract you. Instead, some people who choose to follow their own hearts are likely to derive what they want because of their tremendous enthusiasm.

    A few days ago, our listening teacher, Cathy, a brilliant lady, highly recommended that we could spend some time in watching a movie named Scen of a Woman, which made me a deep impression. 

    At the beginning of this movie, a young student Charlie witnessed a few students ready to play the process of the master by coincidence. So the master let him say the mastermind of the mischief, or he would be punished. Substantially the master bribed him with an opportunity to Harvard but Charlie rejected to make his decision. At the meantime, Charlie came to the veterans with trouble flange lieutenant colonel Frank's home for the weekend part-time job. And Frank idled at home all day, losing the courage and confidence to live. He was ready to spend his last breath in enjoying.

    All beautiful things would be in the world. He took Charlie out, eating delicious food and even driving Ferrari in a high speed. By the way, it was a blind man who drove a sports car. Also, Frank danced tango with an elegant lady, stayed in a fancy hotel to do what he had planned-end his life. But Charlie successfully prevented his suicide due to the father-son feeling that had developed between them. Finally, Frank found the courage and strength to live. 

    It is worth pointing out that the impassioned speech Frank had made in the auditorium school at the end of the movie. So I want to tell all of you, no matter what the outside world becomes, you should follow your heart, then do the right things instead of hypocrisy. Just like a saying goes, “Blindness is not the true blindness, as long as you look forward to the sunlight. But if your heart is blind, even though you are under the sunshine, you are completely a blindness”. Therefore, follow the sound in the deep of your own heart.

    Editor: Qin Jiu

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