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    Beauty Exploration

    Cherry blossoms are brightly colored and they are luxurious in branches and leaves. Cherry blossom is a token of enthusiasm, purity and dignity. In Wuhan, it is fairly appropriate to admire the cherry blossoms in Spring. Consequently, tourists from all over the country will come to Wuhan for Cherry blossoms every year.

    Last weekend, my friends and I together went to East Lake mosh and scenic area in order to enjoy cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms were in full of bloom, which made them look beautiful. Every tourist was snap to take the photo of cherry blossoms for keeping the minutes. Nevertheless, I felt a little unhappy about the trip for a reason that a few tourists behaved rudely, which made me reflect on something.

    Hardly had we entered the gate of scenic spot when we felt like staying in a packet of people. At the same time, I noticed that some took photos with cherry blossom branches, some stepped on the lawn in the scenic, and others ate food but not to admire cherry blossoms.

    Through the trip, I brood on what is the true love for one thing. Just like the people in the scenery, they asserted they were attracted by the beauty of cherry, whereas what they did were not harbor true love. Subsequently, I considered why I went there to admire cherry blossoms, maybe just for showing off the experience of having a trip rather than really loving cherry blossoms.

    In reality, we don't know why we want to pursue something in our life. At times it is partly due to the fact that we expect to satisfy our acute sense of vanity, which results in the deficiency of the awareness of feeling and cherishing the beauty. If you really like one thing, you won't be willing to hurt it.

    In the Internet era, we can't wait to show off our love just for grabbing attention. As a matter of fact, we don't reap the sense of happiness by showing off our experience. There is no doubt that everyone has the desire to pursue the beauty. However, please think carefully whether you enjoy it from the bottom of your heart before you start to pursue it.

    As far as I'm concerned, the beauty is existing around. To some extent, we are not supposed to kvetch for pursuing beauty. Despite of the fact it is taken as a sign of happiness to travel anywhere, don't compel yourself to meet your vanity.

    Editor: Qin Jiu

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