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    A Delicacy, A Nostalgia

    Tomb-sweeping Day is a festival to sacrifice the dead. It is a festival that reunites people after the Spring Festival. The traffic congestion of Tomb-sweeping Day is second only to that of Spring Festival every year. We can see that people attach great importance to this festival and miss their hometown very much. At last Tomb-sweeping Day, I stayed with my family. This year because it was so far from my home, I did not go home, but stayed at school. At the strong holiday atmosphere of my WeChat circle of friends, I missed a kind of delicious food in my hometown. It was black glutinous rice.

    In my hometown, when the Tomb-sweeping Day is around the corner, every family will make black glutinous rice. Black glutinous rice is used not only as sacrifices to ancestors, but also is seen a delicacy. Because I have seen my grandma cooking this food since I was a child, I may probably know how to make it.

    The ingredients for making black glutinous rice are maple leaves, glutinous rice and water. I think we all know or have tasted glutinous rice, but how does black glutinous rice come from? It actually comes from maple leaf juice, which is a natural dye. First, we need to cut or mash the maple leaves and soak them in cold water for one or two days. Then we can get brown maple juice. The next step we need to heat maple juice to 60~70 ℃ (remember not to boil maple leaf juice, otherwise it will destroy the melanin in the period, and the glutinous rice cooked like this will not become black.) Next, we pour the dried glutinous rice into the heated maple leaf juice in order to let the glutinous rice absorb the juice. We pour out the water when it turns cool. And replace the hot maple leaf juice to soak the rice, repeat this step 2 or 3 times. Then we get the glutinous rice which has turned black.

    Then we will put the black glutinous rice into the pot, add the right amount of peanut oil, salt and hot water. Turn on the fire and wait. When we smell the taste of fragrant rice, black glutinous rice is done. Just out of pot rice is fragrant and soft. The family gather around to taste the special delicious food in the festival and give a small talk, it is really wonderful!

    There are also many stories about black glutinous rice. But I prefer this version: people use it to worship their ancestors to pray for the year of abundance, in China we say a golden harvest. Of course, it is also the local food which ties the hearts of people who are far from home, causing people to miss their hometown.

    Editor: Qin Jiu

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