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    On Qualification-Obtaining Fever

    Currently, there is a long-lasting fever of obtaining a variety of qualifications and certificates among college students. According to a recent survey conducted by China Daily, a high proportion (86.7 percent) of students admit that they spend their weekends and summer vacation in preparing for tests on English, Law and Computer Science and so on.

    It goes without saying that qualification-obtaining have both advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, qualifications have attractions of their own which are evidences to confirm students’ abilities. In addition, work-related or competence-based qualifications may even help graduates find a satisfactory job, so students are actually not obtaining credentials but opportunities for their future. However, obtaining qualifications also brings negative effects. Paying too much attention on qualification-obtaining will not only squeeze students’ time that should be spent on their normal study but also give rise to financial burden.

    From my point of view, what matters most is relevant experience or skill instead of the number of credentials you have obtained. Of all the knowledge we have, some come from the books we read, some comes from personal experience in our lives. Different people attach different importance to different sources. The young and the educated, for example, may attach great importance in the former, the old may, however stress the latter. In my opinion, both book’s knowledge and personal experience are of equal importance.

    Knowledge gained from experience may be firsthand, direct, and unforgettable. Books in the library may be outdated, giving you useless information. Everything is changing and so is knowledge. If you go out to make on the-spot investigations instead of depending on books, it is likely that you may be pleasantly surprised. Moreover, knowledge you get from your own experience will be everlasting. Therefore, it is important that students get involved in practical activities to accumulate different kinds of experience.

    Experience, however, is limited in terms of time and space. It is impossible for anyone to experience everything to get the knowledge he needs. In addition, society is developing so fast that new problems come up with surprising speed. Over depending on experience could, therefore, make a person narrow minded and prejudiced.

    Books are a summary of the wisdom of our ancestors. The best way to gain know ledge is, of course, to read books. In the meantime, participate in various kinds of practical activities. A combination of the two will surely make us full and well informed.

    Editor: Xie Di

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