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    My Ideal University

    Have you ever dreamed of a university when you were in high school? And as you are here, while looking back, do you still remember the ideal university in your heart?


    Time spent at a university is a most worthwhile period in a young person's life. During my stay here, I came to realize that university life is like drinking coffee, we experience all tastes as sweet, bitter and hot.
    I’m not a freshman any more. While I have tasted different tastes during a year in college, I can be proud to say that my dream of a rich and colorful campus life has been realized. As for me, it is supreme happiness to take professional courses together with multiple optional courses, however, it is also a precious memory when I got into trouble and challenged myself in Marketing Competition. In a year in college, I have made my ideal university life come true. I got the first one in the comprehensive evaluation among all the students of my major and I also learned a lot in other aspects. Fascinated by the uniqueness of debating, I finally joined English Debating Team in our school through harsh selection for nearly a month in last semester. Last month, I became the chief editor of English Net in propaganda department of Party Committee of SCUN.
    Maybe there is a splendid draft of ideal university before entering college for all everybody, however, what I want to mention is that one’s ideal university is not only the university itself, but depends on the colorful and meaningful life we lead in university.

    During the time we spend in university, we not only develop our intellectual abilities but also develop social skills. By learning how to balance intense study and recreation, we will be well prepared for the future challenges and responsibilities.


    From my point of view, university is an enjoyable garden, in which I can study while I enjoy the colorful life: Every one I meet, every experience I get, every building I study in, I feel it, I smell it, I breathe it. It is here and now, my college life.


    (Editor: Cai Min Source: English Net)

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