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    Double 11: A Carnival of Online Shopping

    By the end of November 11th 2015, Taobao and Tmall, the giant e-commerce firm Alibaba’s two main portals handled 122.9 billion yuan in sales within 24-hour, breaking the record of the last year’s sales of 57.1 billion. The whole e-commerce industry won a great victory again. While all of these incredible achievement came from a festival originated as a joke on campus in the 1990s----Single’s Day.


    In 2009, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, was sufficiently sensitive to spot a niche in which he managed to transform this “pathetic” holiday into an epic day of online shopping. And now, this holiday, also known as “Double 11 Day”, has truly become one of the most greatest online shopping carnivals in the world akin to America’s Cyber Monday. Thousands of e-commerce firms sell their products by flooding the Internet with promotions as well as offering tempting discounts on this special occasion.


    More and more people are accessing the Internet nowadays, and suggests that the China’s Internet users has topped approximately 591 million and half of them are purchasing goods and services online in a result that a huge consumer market is open to all on the Internet. The sharp rise in online market demands to stimulate the growth of e-commerce and also improve the service quality of online shopping. It’s getting more and more convenient for consumers to purchase what they want with the Internet accessible via the computers and phones. Furthermore, buyers are also able to purchase whenever and wherever they are willing to without limitation. Taking all these into consideration, e-commerce shows a strong superiority to the traditional transaction.

    However, it is far too early to say that this online shopping carnival has done a good job. According to the Beijing Evening News, some e-tailers sharply raised prices of goods before reducing them, resulting in the customers’ wrong judgments and benefit loss. Many of them complained about the tricks and they couldn’t get timely and satisfactory responses. And the another common problem is the late arrivals of parcels. The delivery companies sent over two millions of employees to be in charge of the delivery but still can’t handle the 680 million parcels well. It is undeniable that there are still many inadequacies in e-commerce.


    Double 11 online shopping carnival is a grand and extraordinary success to China’s commerce. E-commerce nowadays is changing people’s lifestyles and views, meanwhile it is in need of commercial transformation and enhancement as well. In the next couple of years, maybe Double 11 will give its consumers more surprises with its new look, new service.



    Editor: Liao Wenting

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