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    The Impact of Social Networking Websites On Reading

    Currently, with the advancing of modern media industry, our reading mode has become entirely new. As the picture showed, a man said to a woman that he takes reading Facebook wasting much time for granted, which has brought about an effect on our reading cognition and is worthy to think.


    We cannot deny that the innovation of media has come about amount of social networking websites, such as Wechat, Weibo and worldwide Facebook. The production of these social networking websites can bring us all kinds of information in a short time. Without wasting our more energy and time, we could read and get the whole we want only by looking through these websites, which has gradually take the place of traditional paper media and books. It’s for sure that the digital books can give us some knowledge as paper books do, but they can’t avoid accounting for us lots of time and providing us with a great many fragment information. Consequently, it’s difficult for us to receive complete knowledge and settle down to have a good read. When you are complaining about where the time has gone and the shortage of our knowledge, we tend to neglect the impacts of new reading form of social websites. In contrast, the traditional books and newspapers can make up these problems. Nevertheless, these cannot meet the demands making us get the information quickly in the fast paced world. It seems that neither of them is perfect, but we have to make an option from both.


    As for me, I prefer the latter----the traditional form of reading,. This is because I’m fond of the ink fragrance and the feeling of the pages, but what I can’t miss most is a long and long reading time where my thoughts are wandering in the depth of my sole. After all, life isn’t just trivial things at hand as well as poem and future. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t need social networking websites at all. I consider we are supposed to keep the balance between both reading forms, otherwise we spend much time but no gains in the end.


    Editor: He Yipeng

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