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    Have A Bite of Chinese Cuisine Culture

    China is a vast country with diverse climates and abundant natural resources. There is a folk adage in China, “south sweet, north salty, east hot and west sour”, which means the same ingredient may have totally different flavors in different places.



    With a territory as vast and a history as long as China , it is inevitable that distinct regional differences in cuisine have evolved over the course of centuries. There are Shandong Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine, Fujian Cuisine, Jiangsu Cuisine, Zhejiang Cuisine, An’hui Cuisine and Hunan Cuisine. The eight regional cuisines have their own styles. Now we’ll have a talk about some kinds of them.



    To begin with, we will talk about the most typical Sichuan Cuisine dishes in China, it is also the most favorite food for most foreigners. Filled with soup ingredients, the hot pot is famous for its superb taste and excitement followed by the spicy experience. Flavorings such as chili, pepper and Chinese prickly ash play an important role in taste. What make the Sichuan hot pot unique are the raw materials which are widespread, taking varied seasonings, diverse dishes for example. The most amazing thing about hot pot is that you can add any ingredients to it. The more ingredients added to it, the more delicious the soup base will be. The most enjoyable thing is a group of people gathering together around a small boiling pot to have a feast, and the atmosphere of felicity appears in the cloud of steam, then happiness will be shared with each other.



    The creation of hot pot originated from the different climate of the cradle. The climate there is so wet that people have to eat something hot to remove the humidity from the body, which relates to traditional Chinese health.



    The next we will have a look at is the dishes in Guangdong Cuisine, which is also named Cantonese cuisine. Having tea in the morning is an important part of Guangdong cuisine which looks particular. The tradition of drinking tea in the morning is the most distinct characteristic of Guangdong Cuisine. The Cantonese have the habit of chatting with family members and friends while having a cup of tea and kinds of dim sums, including shrimp dumplings, tart, chicken feet, rice rolls, steamed port dumplings and so forth. Dim sums are usually small and served as 3 or 4 pieces in one portion, each of which is served in a small steamer basket or plate. In addition to the morning tea, Chaoshan casserole porridge also enjoys a widespread reputation. People there usually add seafood in porridge, when the fresh taste of seafood combining with mild porridge lingers deliciously on the tongue, it will make both your heart and stomach feel warm.
    The dishes above are an essential part in Cantonese’s daily life. Compared with other cities, the Cantonese prefer a slow pace of life. This kind of life is very admirable, sometimes it’s a great pleasure to enjoy your life slowly with a taste of these delicious food.


    Last but not least, we will focus on the most popular dishes in the world, and it also becomes an synonym of China. Peking Roasted Duck, is a representative food in the Shandong Cuisine, which is also widely known around the world. People in the north especially in Beijing have a special preference for the cooked wheaten food, therefore, they magically combine flour with duck meat, making it a incomparable delicacy. The authentic Peking Roasted Duck requires crispy skin and succulent meat, special sauce, julienne Chinese green onion and cucumber, all inside a thin wrapper of wheat dough. Every bite is full of happiness and satisfaction. To enjoy the famous duck, the restaurant Quan Ju De is the best choice for you, which has multiple outlets in Beijing. The earliest restaurant first opened in 1860, whose duck is said to be the best in Beijing, and the service is very good as well. If you are traveling in Beijing, Quan Ju De is the place that can not be missed.



    There are still quantities of special flavors in our country, most of which have penetrated deeply into people’s life. Hot noodles with sesame paste is one of the most popular food in Wuhan. Cooked noodles with sesame paste and chili oil sauce laced with a bowl of steaming eggnog will absolutely satisfy your stomach and motivate you to keep on. Braised prawns as a dish combining with the beer goes particularly down well in the hot summer nights. A couple of friends meet in street stall after a day’s hard work, drinking and chatting, which becomes the simplest happiness in daily life. Fried strong smelling bean curd is just the same thing as durian, smelly but tasty. You may resist to try the first time when you smell it, however, you will not refuse it after the first try. You can eat the most authentic fried strong smelling bean curd in Changsha. Do not miss it! What’s more, naan is also a special bread in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a little bit hard as it is, it is extremely delectable and filling. Hence, local people is bound to take some naan with them.
    As you can see, the delicacies in our country vary from region to region. With China’s vast land and abundant resources, there are numerous taste in our country. Different areas have different diet culture, but all of them has the same characteristics on their diet. Food is the most healing thing in the world, filling your stomach then filling your heart. If you were about to visit China, be sure not to miss these delicious food, or you will feel pity not to enjoy the stories and culture contained in food.


    Editor: Wu Yuanhang&Fang Aoge

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